Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sarail Hounds

I first heard about the Sarail hound - a genuine Bangladeshi product - from Mahboob Zaman, the president of BASIS. We were driving to Sylhet in 2006 for a talk at SUST, and as we passed the road to Sarail, Mahboob Bhai mentioned "Shorail-er kukur," and we had a short discussion.

Later I met Kaiser Amin and learned that he has Sarail hounds. At the prodding of a few other people I decided to dig into it. Kaiser was very hospitable and allowed me ample time and patience with the dogs. His knowledge of the matter is encyclopedic.

Anyways, Sarail hound was the topic of my Tangents column yesterday in the Daily Star.

Here are a couple more photos that did not make it to the newspaper.

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