Friday, March 03, 2006

Capture of a Terrorist Mastermind

Abdur Rahman, who is the alleged mastermind of several terrorist attacks in Bangladesh including the first ever suicide bombings in this country, was captured yesterday in Sylhet.

I remember the first time those bombs went off. I was at North South University, talking to some academic types about hands-on training for their computer science graduates when a professor walked in ash-faced and announced that over 50 bombs had gone off simultaneously (ok, many of them were really tiny, but still...) all over the country. It was August 17, exactly 3 weeks after we had returned here. And I was thinking, "Ooops...".

It would be fair to say that the nation heaved a sigh of relief at the capture.

The foreign media did not pay much attention to this capture story, although they had given quite a bit of coverage to the bombings. Go figure.

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