Friday, June 09, 2006

Unusual Agro Products

Agriculture is a thriving sector in Bangladesh. I have heard of some unusual agricultural products, including jackfruit seeds exported to Japan, and a syrup made from "Khejurer Rosh" - the sweet fluid extracted from Date trees.

Here is another one that was advertised in the paper yesterday - locally produced camel milk! (or is it !!!)


joelogs said...

I read your article about the emergence of Web 2.0 via Google News and found it as some sort of Cliff Notes on Web 2.0. Indeed, this newversion of the Web has spawned fresh optimism about economic possibilities that Information Technology can actualize. Yet I find it curious how rapidly some other people get frustrated about another round of hype surrounding Web 2.0. In fact there is even a Web 2.0 site seeking to "stop web 2.0". Isn't it ironic.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, who wrote that blog seems high on dope. Writing was bad, to begin with, and his thinking was apparently screwed.

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