Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Web 2.0 article

On the emergence of Web 2.0 and how Bd can play in this:


Anonymous said...

Ulysses, you're not the first one to announce "Web 2.0 is coming to Bangladesh" and trying to scare innocent people like me.
We have recently been lectured about it by Partha,
and my head is still ringing after several weeks!

As an old-school journalist, I'm dreading the day when “journalism won’t be a sermon any more, it will be a conversation.” I hope that it doesn't happen in Bangladesh, atleast in my life time.

M A Haque Anu
President(Acting), BIJF
Mobile: 0191-341654

nhm tanveer hossain khan (HasaN0 said...

i read it... very informative... very appreciable this is first time some one completely wrote about web 2.0 and similar technologies... in Bangladeshi newspaper...

best wishes....
nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)
java ee developer
somewhere in... said...

We have added your blog @ Bangladesh Blogs Aggregator . Best of luck.