Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Morning in Old Dhaka (Photos)

Feeling inspired by the adventures of Mr Islam and Ms Mustoe, I took advantage of Friday morning's light traffic to bike to old Dhaka and check out Bara Katra/Chhota Katra.

On the way I ran into this life-size sculpture on Shaheed Tajuddin Rd, made entirely from rickshaw/bicycle chains:

When I reached old Dhaka, the stores were all closed, including the famous Haji's Biriyani House on Alauddin Road. It has no signs, but twice a day people line up to buy the delicious biriyani cooked in mustard oil:

Life, however, went on. Friday luxuries included a visit to the barbershop...

...and getting the ears cleaned.

And don't forget shoes need polishing too:

A man in front of a closed store sold colorful children's clothes...

...And a girl was out wearing her "Friday best"

I had to share the road with all manners of vehicles!

The sky grew dark and in minutes there was a torrential downpour. I got shelter, but this rickshawallah did not get a break.

After the rain cleared, kids came out to play soccer on the wet street.

The fresh mud was no deterrant for a good tumble!

I went on to my destination. Details and photos in the next posting.


Tanvir said...

Hey i have seen that sculpture !! Do you mind if i copy the pic? I saw the sculpture by a gas station in dhaka, infact a number of times when i went to fill up the car but everytime i didnt ave a camera with me.

Habib said...

Nice writing on "Friday Morning in Old Dhaka (Photos)".

ulysses said...

Tanvir, sure, no problem. Please give me a cut on any commercial use :-).

Habib, Thanks!