Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Local Delights

One of the most delightful things about coming back to Bangladesh is the access to second-tier local fruits. The top-tier ones, such as mangoes and lichis, were available in the US. But the smaller ones (such as "Lotkon" (Bhubi in Sylheti), Orboroi (Leboir in Sylhet), Guavas (specially the small ones with red inside, called "Syedi Shofri" in - guess where? - Sylhet), Kamrangas, Jamruls, Amlokis, Koromcha, Panifol, Makhna, etc etc - parade through here during the year, one after another.

These fruits played a bigger role in my childhood than the top-tier ones because they were more easily accessible.

They are not just eaten fresh, but some in Bharta, others as "Tok", some in Jelly, and yet others in Aachar (eg, Leboir makes an excellent sweet achar.)

I tasted a Bhubi after 30 years. The taste and flavor were as exquisite to me as they had been years ago.


Anonymous said...

I am a fruit lover too. Being in US, don't have access to anything other than mangoes. After nearly 12 years, I had forgotten many of thier names. You seem to have managed well. Thanks for jogging my memory. I will be sure to look them up next time I visit, depending on the season of course.

Mo, MN

ulysses said...

Hi Mo, It is amazing, but almost every month there are a few local specials. Sometimes street vendors carry the more obscure fruits. Please be sure to wash thoroughly in boiled water before eating. Enjoy!

Mikey said...

Having tasted some of the wonderful fruits Bangladesh has to offer, I have also decided I especially love the ones that have no English names!

Except the problem is knowing when and where to buy them... but hopefully this coming year should be very illustrative.. thanks for posting this! I am noting the names and adding them to my list of fruit to watch out for.