Monday, August 14, 2006

View From the Train (Photos)

I took the train from Dhaka to Srimongol last Saturday. I saw these from my window:

My train was called "Parabat Express":

Man walking cows to the field:

Farmers transplanting rice seedlings; harvest in Aghrahayan:

Typical river scene:

Tea garden:

Decorated gate for a village wedding:

Flags supporting world cup soccer:

An Uros party (celebrating the death anniversary of a local saint):

Boats of Bedey people (who live their lives on boats):

Man building a temporary home:

Fishing net being dried in the sun:

Helping get water out of a boat:

Mother and daughter at a train station in the (hot) noonday sun:

Train going the opposite direction:

People on the roof:

Girl on tracks:

Note: this was a First Class seat. A/C Class windows are fixed shut and will not offer these views. Trip was 4.5 hours.


Rajputro said...

nice pictures... It's tough to snap such clear shots from a running train! I wonder how you managed.
Thanks for sharing.

ulysses said...

Thanks very much. Yup, there was a lot of camera shake; most shots had some blur. Smaller resolution of the posted pictures lets me get away with some blur. I used the instant feedback of my digital camera to try to improve the technique. Also, tried to anticipate, and looking ahead whenever possible. Prefocusing also helped.

zafa said...

Ihtisham bhai,
I really really really envy you for being able to do something a lot of us wish we could - travel to these beatiful places in BD. Don't tell me "Ichchha thakley upaye hoye" ... I am grounded for at least next 20 years or so (for the kids to grow up and be on their own...)
..till then I'll be checking your blog to "dudher shaad ghole metate"

ulysses said...

Hi Zafa, I really did not explore Bd much when I was gowing up, so am making up for lost time. The years with really young kids go by quickly, and once they are gone, they are gone, so I envy you in that regard because our kids have grown up very rapidly. Hopefully you can travel inside Bd on your vacations once the kids are a little bigger. Thanks for your kind words.