Friday, September 29, 2006

Second Ramzan

This is our second Ramzan in Bangladesh. The fruitsellers and Iftar sellers and just about everybody else (except the bottled-water-suppliers to the offices) are doing brisk business. Everyone has gone on a slightly laid back pace. But the first few days are hard for many fasters, so sometimes tempers run high. The second day of Ramzan I was walking in the streets near Banani around noon, and noticed that people were a little less patient, and more prone to starting arguments or just being rude to each other. Or maybe it was my hunger playing with me!

I enjoy the Jamburas, Pomegranates and Aamra at Iftar, as well as Halim/Chhola/Peyaju of course. There are many elaborate Iftar items floating around. Fancy restaurants in Gulshan set up table-top iftar items that can be brought home at Iftar time. Perhaps I should check out old Dhaka at Iftar one day to see what they offer.

But I do miss those plump Medjool dates we got in the US. The dates here, which are imported, are not too good. Sort of a bland vanilla variety.

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