Monday, October 02, 2006

The Hour Before Iftar (Photos)

An hour before Iftar yesterday, I went to local bazaars and was relieved to discover that I am not the only one obsessed by food during Ramzan.

This seller dressed his chhola beautifully...

... but picky buyers also abound - checking out an orange.

Jilapis fried away in historical oil...

...while Muri (puffed rice) serves the health-conscious

Pre-iftar is slow for the barbershop business.

But hey, shopkeepers gotta eat Iftar too, so why not roll your own?

This pair of apple sure looks heavier than the 150g weight.

...Dates is all I want, I want them plump chewy sweet dates...

Hey, what's inside those fried thingies?

Having trouble keeping fingers away from the food? Wait it's not time yet!

This Gulshan shop is more upscale and restrained

Is this young man having trouble concentrating?

And let's not forget that kids enjoy Iftar too.


Anonymous said...

i have taken 3 photographs from your site. intend to use them with courtesy of your site.

how are you finding bangladesh today, now that the 'song' is in the 'lap' of our politicialns. hope you'd enjoy the number.

shafiur said...

What is the latest on adulterated puffed rice (muri)? Fertiliser still being used? Some of the packets do look super white....

ulysses said...

Hi Bujhi Kom,

I am finding Bangladesh to be a real eye-opener - to me, at least, the country has "grown up."

The politicians are a joke, but someone's got to keep the people entertained :-)

While I am flattered at your interest in my photos, I am sorry but you may not use any photograph (or articles) from my site without my express permission. In this particular case, without knowing which pictures you want to use and for what purpose, I cannot give you that permission.

Hi Shafiur,

Not sure about fertilizer. I try to get red Muri, which is less risky. Some people like to get it from "Probortona" on Mirpur Road.

Zafa said...

Dilen to khida-ta lagaye.
Was doing so well with fasting - now I'm not just halucinating, I can actually smell peaju.
It's gonna be a loooong day...

moofy said...

Thank you for reminding me of iftar in Dhaka. You are making a lot of people very nostalgic, but thats good.

I lived in Dhaka for 2 years of my life and completely fell in love with it.

Reading your blog, i can see that you are having a great time discovering Bangladesh and really loving it.

I love people who make Bangladesh look good.

Your blog is going in my favorites list.

ulysses said...

Hi Zafa,

Whoops, sorry!

Hi Moofy,

Thanks for reading the blog and for
your kind words.

Anonymous said...

you are not real muslims- thinking about hindu food like peaju during holy ramadaan.This is supposed to be a fasting time- no waiting for food time.