Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Old Dhaka Gems (Photos)

I am beginning to really like old Dhaka. The city reveals many gems once you look beneath the veneer of crowds and dirt. Like Rome, you might turn a corner and find yourself face to face with a really old building (ok, ok, so Roman buildings are a wee little bit older...)

Tara Masjid in Bangsal was the most exquisitely building I found. Parts of it are 200+ years old, though it was renovated in 1987. Here are three pictures of it.

Armenian Church goes back to 1781. It was built during Dhaka's heydays when many European merchants came here looking for business and their fortunes. It is locally known as "khristan bari". Here are three pictures.

Ruplal House is a grand 19th century mansion built by Mr Ruplal, a businessman. Today it houses some businesses as well as Army folks.

Khan Mohammed Mridha's mosque dates back to 1706. It is built on a raised platform. On the bottom floor, below the mosque platform, are dorm rooms where students live. The third picture is the hallway connecting these rooms.

Here are some pictures of Shakhari Patti. Shakharis are (Hindu) craftsmen who make ornaments from Shakha (conch shells). They came here over 300 years ago. This area is known for the very long and narrow houses (the second picture shows one such narrow house.) The third picture shows an abandoned building with the trademark triple-arch that is common to old Shakhari Patti houses.

A picture of Lalbagh Fort, which was built in 1678 by Prince Azam, the third son of Aurangzeb.

How can I not include the Pink Palace, aka Ahsan Manzil? Built in 1872 by Nawab Ahsanullah, renovated recently. I am not crazy about the color, but I am glad they put in the effort into renovation.


Random Rambler said...

Hey... We studied some of your bnw photographs during a photography workshop... Your work is just amazing :)
Looking forward to more blogs!

ulysses said...

Hi Random Rambler,

Thanks for your inspiring words. Glad you liked the photos.

Where was the photography workshop? Could you please drop me an email ihtishamkabir at yahoocom?
Many thanks.

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Omar said...

cool shots! :)

ulysses said...

Thanks Omar!