Thursday, January 25, 2007

Boroi Season

Boroi season is in full swing here in Dhaka. Kids are having a blast, with the vendors posted strategically outside school gates. I have tried at least four varieties, though I am sure there are many more. Prices are high. If you buy from the posh side of town, you can pay a ridiculous Tk 100/kg for the premium Oval and Aapel Borois. In other places, the minimum is still a high Tk 60/kg.

That said, the Borois I tried were absolutely delicious. The Aapel (Apple) Boroi was the sweetest, but the oval one was the best overall because of its extra crunchy texture. And the round deshi boroi had great flavor with just a little tartness.

Here are some pictures.

Aapel Borois

Oval Borois

Deshi Borois

Incidentally, I tried a Boroi off of a tree in Ayutthaya, Thailand, recently and it tasted just like our Deshi Borois.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, you just made my mouth get watered:-) Kotodin boroi khai na!!

--Bilash, Columbus, OH

Riasat said...

thanks a lot, now i'm craving boroi achar....mmmm boroi

... this is not helping, my mouth is watery and i'm fasting!!

Masud said...

hi friendz,
i really made aseach in google by typing "boroi" to know the real english word , if there is any, one of my friend suggested thr english as "plum", but as my experience in japan regarding plum was different. anyway will anybody help me to find the proper english word other than tropical plum or plum?

Anonymous said...

boroi is otherwise known as the indian/chinese jujube

Jesmine said...

I was searching for english name of Boroi and any websie of Boroi, but it is a matter of great regret that I couldn't find any english name for Boroi ( No,Plum is not boroi may be they are from same family but I think, Boroi is different from plum) and there are very few website on Boroi.
Even I couldn't find anything in wikipedia......

ulysses said...

Sorry Jesmine, I don't know an English name, but another poster said "Indian/Chinese Jujube." It is certainly nowhere near a plum.

Anonymous said...

english name for boroi is putsa/jujube

SM.ARYA said...

Masud i also knew dt english name of boroi is plum but i think m wrong..