Friday, January 12, 2007

People, Space, Privacy

I wrote this essay for the Daily Star Weekend Magazine as an ongoing exploration of my re-education as a Bangladeshi.


Seth said...

Excellent essay. When my wife and I moved to Bangladesh from Texas, the change in "personal space" and privacy was one of the most difficult adjustments to make. We were newly married and were living with a family in village north of Dhaka. At home we were used to people never coming into "our room" or "our space"; in Bangladesh, though, the idea of "our space" was hilarious.

I'll never forget returning to the United States and walking out of the airport thinking, "where is everyone." It's interesting how different experiences teach you more than you realize. Now I find myself laughing at my fellow Americans' feeling entitled to "personal space." As you so well put it, I feel glad to be able to temporarily enjoy the world and my place in it.

Some day soon I hope to return to Bangladesh where I expect I will find the push and pull of humanity familiar, and not as foreign as I first did.

ulysses said...

Hi Seth,

Thanks very much for your comments and your kind words. Yes, Push and Pull of humanity - that's a new and incisive way to look at it. Thank you,