Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bank Experience

Some days ago, I had to go to a (govt) bank for some business. This is not my "normal" bank, but my Father maintains his account there. So I go there, say, once every 2-3 months. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt, casual pants and sneakers. I had to open the door myself despite the sentry sitting inside - he could not be bothered. The bank officials did their work for me, but only after my pushing and prodding. They were not exactly cooperative or helpful. And as I was leaving I barely restrained myself from yelling at the sentry because he would not get up and open the door for me.

So I was annoyed and weighed whether to go back and yell at all of them. After all, my Father has banked with them for 20+ years.

Instead, another opportunity presented itself. I had to return in a couple of days for another errand. But instead of preparing for a fight, I tried an experiment. I put on a nice shirt, creased pants, a blazer, and a pair of black leather shoes. And wore a serious scowl on my face.

Voila! At my approach, the sentry stood up, opened the door and saluted me smartly. The bank officials were all very cooperative and I got the errand done in record time!

Lesson: if you are going to a (govt) bank in Bd, dress better than anyone working in there and act mean!


Dave Mckee said...

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha!!! that is really a nice experience sir. How did you know that, you would be received different way of "welcome if you dressed like a "mafia"?