Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boi Mela (Photos)

I went to the Ekushey Boi Mela (book fair) yesterday. It is on Bangla Academy grounds and runs until Feb 28th.

What it's all about...

The road leading to the Mela covered by banners.

Onyoprokash was the busiest seller - one buyer gets change over heads.

The environment (specially trees) lent some drama (the sign says Shikor - "root")

Three veiled women who were shopping for books.

This man could not wait until getting home to read his new acquisition.

Publishers found novel ways to market books.

Salam, one of the first martyrs of the Language Movement

Friends looking through a publisher's catalog.

A selection of Bangla IT books in the Mela.

Parents' duties don't stop with purchasing the books :-)

I liked the Boi Mela a lot, but next time I will leave the camera behind. It was schizophrenic and stressful playing reader and photographer simultaneously.

I bought one book, called "Bangladesher Protno-Shompod" (Archaeological Treasures of Bangladesh) that is encyclopedic - and has directions to many many historical buildings and ruins.


Diganta said...

I want to see more BD books in Kolkata book fair, hope that day is not far away.

Shahnaz said...

Lovely photos. You've managed to catch the essence of the boi mela. I visited but left the camera behind. And now am desperately searching for photos to add to my little piece on the boi mela on my blog (dhakadweller). I'd be grateful if I could use one of your photos.