Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bouddha Purnima

Yesterday was Bouddha Purnima, the most important religious event for the 1 million Buddhists who live in Bangladesh. I went to the Buddhist Temple in Kamalapur to see how it was celebrated. Here are some pictures.

Picture of Gautama at the temple. He was born, became Buddha, and passed away (attained Nirvana) on this full-moon of Boishakh month:

Stupa at the entrance to the temple:

Family praying inside temple:

Mom offers "proshad" as son checks out the man with the camera:

Boys waiting in line to offer prayers:

Girl dressed in her "Purnima Best":

Party time!

Bring on the music...

Toys for the boys:

I was not clear about the meaning of the money tree, but it was part of the prayers:

Woman entering the festival:

Serious monks:

Laughing monk:

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