Friday, May 18, 2007

Lychees (photos)

Lychees have ripened. They are selling for between Tk 160 and Tk 200 per hundred (1 USD = Tk 70 approx.) Here are some pictures.

Yummy baby!

They are all over the place. Above you...

and behind you...

... there are doubledecker lychees...

...and lonely lychees.

Adults love them...

... and so do kids!

"You toucha my lychees I puncha your nose!"

Lychee leaves and anchor.

The sellers were out in force. "They are Kora (extreme) sweet!"

"Here, try a sample if you don't believe me."

"Heck, they'll even grow hair on your chest!"


Rehan said...

Ihtisham Bhai - Keep up the good work of displaying simple yet precious little moments that make us, expats, nostalgic (in a good way) about the land we had to leave for different reasons. It has become a daily habit to check for new posts and to find things that I once used to take for granted.

ulysses said...

Hi Rehan,

Many thanks for your kind words, and for reading the blog. Keeps me
going :-)