Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bangla Signs in Singapore

Singapore has many Bangladeshis. I understand once it was 250,000 but the number has decreased because now they are also hiring from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Most of the Bangladeshis there work in construction, but there are also white collar workers in various banks and other corporations.

During my last visit in 1996, I was excited to find just one restaurant with a Bangla signboard in the Serangoon (Little India) neighborhood. This time I found an entire neighborhood of Bangladeshi stores and businesses. Here are some Bangla signs.

The square behind Mustapha's store where I found many Bangladeshi stores:

Some signs in Bangla:

The humongous Mustapha store (I heard they even arrange flights from Bangalore in which the IT crowd flies in for a shopping holiday, stay at Mustapha's hotel, shop at Mustapha store, and fly back):

Biriyani Ahoy!

Lungi store - I saw many men wandering around in Lungis:

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