Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ekkerey Dekhaya Disey (They've Shown Us)

Strange coincidence. In the last two weeks, I ran into two completely unrelated people - both highly qualified, PhD economist types working at responsible jobs - who told me the same thing.

The essence of what they said: Look at our farmers and what happened in the last few months. It only goes to show that if they get enough support, our farmers can really perform beyond expectations. The government assured them enough fertilizer and electricity for irrigation (I know, because even in the nicest neighborhoods of Dhaka loadshedding was brutal this summer). And they showed what they can do. Ekkerey dekhaya disey.

True, the Boro harvest was amazing. But the potato harvest before that was pretty large too. Knock on wood - let's hope it keeps going this way.

In my mind, more than anyone else, one person is responsible for the reinvigorated Bangladeshi farmer: Shykh Shiraj.

How about a ticket next election of Shykh Shiraj and Magistrate Rokon-ud-Dowla, huh?
That would be interesting...

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blogger tset said...

Found your blog by accident today as I was searching for information on the 'krisnachura. Glad that I did.

It's great to hear that the harvests have been really good. Do you happen to know the source of the water for the irrigation? Is it water from the rivers that are pumped into the fields?

By the way, there's a global community of daily city photo bloggers and Bangladesh is not represented yet. Maybe you would be interested in participating?