Thursday, August 07, 2008

Victories Big and Small

Now that everyone's minds are on the Olympics, here are some tidbits about competitiveness as it relates to Bangladeshis.


In the 2008 Math Olympiad in July, the Bangladeshi team ranked 75 out of 101 teams that participated. Bangladesh was sandwiched between Finland (74) and Iceland (76.)

This compared to their 80th (out of 102) ranking last year. Certainly a step in the right direction. Congrats to the team and all who worked on this.


I don't follow chess at all, but someone pointed out to me the other day that Enamul Hossain Rajib, the 5th Grand Master from Bangladesh, scored an upset victory over Ukraine in the World Cup Chess Tournament in 2007. This placed Bangladesh in the second round, among the top 60 teams in the world. If you counted only Asian countries, Bangladesh was among the top ten. Now, if I could only play that game...

I have always felt that our chess players are really good and deserve more media attention than they get.


From Silicon Valley, Talukder sisters Sabera and Leilah won First Place at the 2008 US National Synchronized Swimming Competition held at Binghamton, New York. Their team Los Gatos Angelfish won the First Place and they landed Gold Medals. If they keep going this way we can see the sisters at the Olympics one day.

So what is the Bangladesh connection, you ask? Their dad Shah Talukder is from Bangladesh (mom Darlene is American.) Congratulations, girls!

Here is a picture of the Champion sisters, courtesy of Papa Talukder.


We now return you to the inevitable Olympics.

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