Monday, February 16, 2009

Budget Airlines Redux

Back in September I complained about the absence of budget airlines in Dhaka.

Things have changed. Air Asia will start a DAC->KL service on March 12. According to their web site, the price can be anywhere from around USD 60 to USD 100 each way (after adding taxes.) (Compare with current Thai or Malaysia Airlines pricing of around $550 RT to KL.) In Air Asia, you have to pay extra for checking baggage and for your meals, but you still come out way ahead.

This is really great news. After flying to KL, one can fly to various SE Asian countries (or even London) on Air Asia for discounted fares. I fiddled on their website and realized that a RT ticket to London came to about USD700, compared to the pricing of USD1000 for Emirates et al.

Finally, some relief on this front. I hope this service from Air Asia is very successful.

This should also be a good thing for bringing in more tourists to Bd. Now, if GOB would only lower the cost of getting a visa :-)


Yngve said...

Etihad is flying on Dhaka.
I was flying: Bergen (Norway) - Frankfurt - Abu Dhabi - Dhaka
Return: Dhaka - Abu Dhabi - London - Bergen
The price was USD 1000 (~700 GBP)
Not a bad price....

ulysses said...

Hi Yngve,

That is not a bad price at all!
Specially for peak season.


Bengali Tigerz said...

I know budget airlines are good for short haul travel because you don't need a 3 course meal, sleeping arrangements and so on for a 2 hour flight.

But how does the whole thing work for long distance flights?

ulysses said...

Hi Bengali Tigerz,

Air Asia charges extra for all meals. On a longer flight (Air Asia X from KL to LHR) you pay extra (it says on their website - I think about USD 20?) for your meals.

Not sure about sleeping arrangements. I imagine the planes do not have any business/first class. Everyone sleeps like sardines - erm economy class passengers - in other planes :-)

Bengali Tigerz said...

Thanks for your reply ulysses.