Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Time In Between

Summer's hot breath is on our back, yet mornings remain cool. Pleasant breezes blow in the afternoon, specially at the lakes and parks of the city. Winter fruits such as Boroi and Aamloki start winding down. Spring flowers - scarlet Mandar, flaming Polash and cool Shimul - light up the countryside. Mahogany trees grow new leaves - fragile, yellow, shiny. Morning fogs become rare, though there was a thick one today.

This is spring, an in-between time, sandwiched by the refreshing cool of winter and the merciless heat of summer. This year's spring is significant as we wait to find out:

- how many hours of loadshedding shall we endure daily in the summer?
- (more to the point) do those RahimAfrooz batteries in the backup power supplies really last as advertised?
- what will be the outcome of the BDR investigation committees?
- (more to the point) will the committees agree on their conclusions?
- will early rains make up for the really dry winter?
- will remittances go down as the world gets deeper into financial mess?
- will Madoff get to keep his penthouse while the poor nations still get lectured on corruption?
- will continued low oil prices destroy green energy initiatives?
- will Bd shipbuilding get govt help like other sectors (garments, food) but software will remain shunned, on its own?
- will the GrameenPhone IPO ever happen?
- will the price of rice make it down to Tk 20/kg (hope not, for the sake of the farmer)

So many questions, so few answers... 8-)

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