Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RIP Noazesh Ahmed

Just got word that Dr. Noazesh Ahmed passed away last night. I will always remember him for his book from 1985 Portrait of Bangladesh. He understood color photography really well and to this day I find myself returning to that book for learning and inspiration. Thank you Dr. Ahmed. May Allah grant you peace.


abul said...

Dr. Noazesh worked for the Bangalee nation through photographic Art . He is pioneer
to meet Bangladesh Pictorial
publications . He is the Author
to introduce poems of Rabindranath
& Jibon ananda through his wonderful vision and composition
of fine art aesthetic photographs
album by moula brothers publication
in Bangladesh . he left the passage to abhoman bangla .we canot forget him . as a photographer i respect his soul.
may allah keep him peace for his
hard work to humans planet .
abul fazal/usa.

Chowdhury I Zaman said...

Dr. Noazesh Ahmed was a friend of my parents. I still remember, as a child (back in the mid 60s), of having accompanied my parents to his house to watch a slide show of his photography. It was a treat!

Dr Chanchal said...
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Dr Chanchal said...

I am at the end of finishing a hugely shot (40 hrs of shooting material)documentary on the ICON.

Tomorrow I will shoot interviews 5 distinguished friend and fan of him.

He was a GEM of man and true son of the soil: BENGAL.

From Paril, Manikganj he traveled through and won all the world.

May God save his soul and may we learn from him and his geniuses.

Dr Chanchal said...

This is an IDEA production. Executive Producer: Hasan Abidur Reja JEWEL