Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Elephant on the Move"

Sitting inside Bangladesh, it is easy to lose sight of how fast things change here. However, for a traveller with a discerning eye, the changes taking place in Bangladesh can look like fundamental (positive) shifts. One such person is Zain Mahmood, a non-resident-Bangladeshi and CEO of a US-based multinational. Here is his take after a recent trip to Bd.

Hmmm. Now why can't the NYT publish something like this on Bd (rather than the usual?)


Shahan said...

Thank you very much for pointing me towards that inspirational write up. I hope to see more of your photo blogs. I haven't been keeping up, and I missed it. =D

Anonymous said...

u can get it from here also - http://www.radio2fun.com

ulysses said...

Shahan, Good to hear from you!

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