Monday, March 22, 2010

Kella's Kids

Today The Daily Star is running my photo essay on kids at Lalbagh Kella.


Anonymous said...
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Kamal said...

hey this is great...finally someone i can talk to who has made the move!!

Kamal said...

I am planning to move back to Bangladesh this year...! inshaallah.
i have been planning for years.
Although, i am a bit anxious about it, which i guess is natural but i read the daily star today and it seems like crime is bad in dhaka...what are your experience's
Is there a good NRB community.. in dhaka.
whats a good school that affordable, as i have two little brats.
please get bacl to me..

ulysses said...

Hi Kamal, Congratulations on deciding to move and hope it works out for you.

Ataul-Haq said...

I am planning to move back as well, inshaAllah in a few months. I guess it's natural to be anxious specially after being abroad for many years (for me it's been almost 20 years).

Once someone told me, "Sure, it will be difficult, but once you make it through the initial hurtles, it must be awesome to be back home".

I do get this feeling from this blog as well.

Hi Kamal - did you say "two little brats"? I have two of those as well ;-)

ulysses said...

Hi Kamal and Ataul,

That's great news you are planning to move back. Although my experience has been positive (also very lucky in many ways), the first few months will no doubt be difficult, so you need to set your expectations. Also, it becomes a lot easier if you have a mission and/or hobby (ie, job, business, book to write, house to build, bicycling, photography, whatever...) because then the everyday irritations bother you less. After six months it should become easier and after a year you really start enjoying it. We never believed in the "let's try it out for six months" thing and just made a plunge, sink or swim, and that attitude seems to have helped.

Kamal said...

I am having troubling

Kamal said...

having trouble blogging...!

Ataul - when you planning to go?

I could do with a squash partner.
I have a boy and a girl.
my email is

feel free to email me.....and anyone else