Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rediscovering Old Dhaka

Last month Wazi Choudhury, a friend and relative, was visiting from California. One day I took him on a tour of old Dhaka. Here is his album of pictures. He has done a fine job with the photos. An added bonus is his in-depth research on the buildings done with an architect's eye which adds a new dimension. A job well done!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Check if Farming is For You

Many people dream of a pastoral life. But what is it like in reality?

1. You see a cow and you think "Hmmm, lots of manure from that one, I bet..."
2. Telling your neighbor "My jackfruits are bigger than yours" makes your day.
3. That slimy green water in a village pond looks good because fish love the slimy green.
4. You lose count of the types of bugs that have bitten you.
5. You almost slap your best friend when he says Boro is a type of rice.
6. You want to take your family shopping to Aarong because there is a nursery across the street.
7. You think growing Dahlias is for sissies.
8. Your favorite question for a job candidate is to ask them the commands to make a cow turn left and turn right when plowing a field.
9. Whenever you see a large unusual tree in a foreign country, you immediately start searching for its seed so you can have one too.
10. You are the only person left in Dhaka who believes that Baldha Garden is for enjoying nature, not for courtship.