Friday, April 28, 2006

Things to do in Sylhet

Sylhet is my hometown, although I left at 9 and am a little estranged.

Here are some nice places that I discovered (or rediscovered):

a) Area around parjatan motel - nice spot, lots of nice views from a hill top on Airport road
b) Shahjalal University - pretty campus about 10 km N of town
c) Zakaria Resort - near Khadimnagar, a hilltop resort with 360 views and entertainment park including ferris wheel and toy train
d) Hazrat Shahjalal's tomb - he was an amazing holy man, worth a visit if you are religious
e) MC College (aka Sylhet Govt College) another nice campus
f) Forest Dept Land - some nice forests on north-east side of town, near Baluchar. There was a picnic spot but it may have shut down.
g) Tea gardens - Lakkatura and Malnichhara are very close to town. Bicycling possible on the trails (though I have not tried it.)

If you like shopping, Manipuri patterned saris etc in Police Line.

In summary, places just a little on the outskirts are nice. Avoid the center, specially Zindabazar and Bandar, unless you like crowds and traffic jams.

One view from top of Zakaria Resort:

View to the East from Zakaria:

Stadium under construction near Lakkatura:

Storm Lilly:

What tractors were really made for:

Another type of Lilly:


Anonymous said...

hey, im glad someone atleast writes about things to do in sylhet, i have been there 4 times already, and am going again on saturday (12/08/06) and am looking for inspiration just to make the duration there bearable. ill keep ur points in mind although i have visited parjatan hotel before, vnice and maybe u could also recommend jaflong, i liked it there, they also sell very nice stone artefacts and jewellery there, pretty unique.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am currently in Bangladesh now and looking for places to visit. So far I have been to a bull fight which is very entertaining and to eat in some restaurants.

Spicey Restaurant in Sylthet City Centre was a very special experience. It has an area with open roof top with amazing views of the city lights. They serve a variety of cuisines and affordable prices too.

ulysses said...

Please tell us more about the bull fight. Where and when was it? Is it held regularly? Many thanks!