Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In the Land of Shopping Malls

We are in Singapore for a few days for medical reasons. Last time I came here was in 1995, just before the Netscape IPO - a different world. Back then, it was quite the shopper's paradise. Now it is even more so.

Singapore exerts a certain charm on you. It is the charm of opulence and affluence. At Mustapha - is it the only departmental store in the world open 24x7x365? - the aisles are so stuffed with merchandise that the mind boggles. Prices? More expensive than the US, but the Costco sales philosophy taken a step further is succeeding, as evidenced by the hundreds of shoppers whose carts groan with everything from clothes to toiletries to watches to groceries. Heck, they even have a book section!

Speaking of books, can you guess which country is most represented in the travel guide section of Kinokuniya bookstore (billed as the largest bookstore here)? Yup, it is Dubai. One mall loves another!

But the achievements of the Singaporeans is nothing short of amazing. With so little resources at their disposal they have achieved so much!

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