Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Singapore Botanic Garden

A weird thing about verdant Singapore: I saw not one fruit tree during my stay there. A taxi driver told me they don't like to plant them, and one experiment at an outlying housing estate had failed.

One morning in Singapore I visited the Botanic Garden. It is a beautiful place. Entrance is free. Here are some picture.

The garden is welcoming and has many pathways that you can meander in.

One of the elegant trees in the Garden.

A Jelawal tree: at 47 meters one of the tallest in the Garden. Native of SE Asia.

A Kapok tree, one of the few trees native to both Africa and Asia.

Root of the Kapok tree.

A Monkey-Pot tree, native of South America. Related to Brazil nuts. Its fruits are large and woody, and monkeys reach inside them to get the seeds, hence the name.

Two of the zillions of flowers in the Garden.

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