Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Photo Gallery

Has been up and running for about a month - here. Please take a look and, if you have a minute, let me know what you think. Many thanks.


Rezwan said...

Very impressive and authentic. I liked it a lot. Especially the photo essays. Amplifying in my blog right now. Thanks.

Seth said...

I've been enjoying your photography on your blog for a while now. This collection is amazing. Thanks.

ulysses said...

Hi Rezwan,

Many thanks for your kind words and for the mention in your blog.
Glad you like the photo stories.

Hi Seth,

Thanks very much - I am really glad that you like the pictures. Hope you continue to read the blog.

Lotus Reads said...

Mon Dieu! I discovered your photography site quite by accident and I am amazed by it..you take some absolutely beautiful pictures!!! I am going to have to visit often. I especially love the "photo stories" feature!

ulysses said...

Hi Lotus Reads,

Thank you very much! I really
appreciate your kind words. Yes,
please stop by often.

Sid said...

Absolutely marvellous photographs!