Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Sudden Rain

I was out one sunny morning last week. This being rainy season, storm clouds gathered suddenly.

Soon it was pouring. The rickshaw-wallah found refuge quickly...

... and some others were prepared in the rainy season.

But others got caught ...

... and moms rushed babies to cover.

The watch repair shop closed early...

...but the umbrella repairman was doing brisk business.

Some wondered if it would ever end!

But it did end soon, and shopkeepers rolled up the market shutters.

Adults tried to save their sandals while walking in the mud...

...but of course kids had a different idea - both sandals and...

...clothes were fair game!

These two girls celebrated with a sprint.


Lotus Reads said...

Lovely pictures,reminds me that I so miss the monsoons ( I am from Bombay originally). I loved the last one in particular because the excitement of being in the rain is a universal feeling amongst children. I also love the shot of the mom shielding her baby with her dupatta.

As you may have noticed when you lived in North America, very few people carry umbrellas here, perhaps because showers are usually short and light. I miss the ubiquitous black umbrella of the subcontinent!

ulysses said...

Hi Lotus Reads,

Thanks very much for your comments!

Recently I too have begun to
appreciate the black umbrellas.
For one thing they are also useful
as a walking stick (specially on
slippery ground.) For another,
raincoats don't do too well in the heat.