Monday, May 11, 2009

Just What We Need

Oh brother! Some telecom company has a new slogan, "Talk More." Come on guys. This nation is all talk. Didn't you pay attention? Everyone loves to talk and talk and talk. And now we need to talk more? Brilliant!

You go to a seminar and everyone talks though likely not a single person has done anything substantive since they graduated from college some decades ago.

You go to a cricket match and everyone talks about how good they could have played if only this and that had happened.

You go by bus and the person next to you is yakety-yakking all the way from Dhanmandi to Gulistan. If their phone batteries don't run out, maybe their head batteries should.

You go to a government office to get some work done and you will hear talk about everything under the sun - except of course your work.

Your driver thinks he can talk his way into a Tk10,000 loan from you. Your cook things she can talk her oversalted curry out of its salt. Your launderer thinks talking can remove that spot they did not bother try to lift. And given half a chance your dentist would probably try to talk your teeth out of their ache.

And I am not even going to mention religion.

So.... No, let's not talk more. Do some work instead!

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Anonymous said...

There is a saying in bangla "banglai kothar raja"....