Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things I Miss About America

The other day I was talking to someone in the US on Skype when the power went. So did our conversation. This led me to the things I miss about America.

1. Uninterrupted power
2. Bookstores with decent English selection
3. REI (a store for outdoor activities)
4. Women on the street and in public places
5. TIE: Hersheys Symphony/Cold Stone Creamery ice cream/Costco Cashews
6. People admitting their mistake
7. Carls Junior's 6 dollar burger
8. Bicycling on Foothill Expressway and Stanford foothills
9. Camping in Death Valley or backpacking in the Sierra
10. And of course all the friends and relatives there.

To be fair, I should also list the things I like most about living here.

1. Hearing conversations, songs, etc on the street in sweet Bangla
2. Household help
3. Zillions of subjects to photograph
4. Boat rides
5. Mountain biking through villages and hospitality of villagers
6. A good Bakorkhani and Kabab from my favorite store in Lalbagh
7. Change of seasons and all that entails, particularly the fruits
8. Walking where my father, mother and grandparents once walked
9. Snacking on cheena-badam, the tastiest variety of peanut on earth
10. Relatives, old friends and new friends here.


Anonymous said...

Adding to your list:

Like about US:
11. Road system that actually works

Like about Bangladesh:


ulysses said...

Hi, Yes, KB is yum. Heritage has the best I have tried. I don't eat it often enough to warrant a separate entry in my list, though.


Minhaj said...

So why u decide to come back, after so many years ? At the end of the day wherever u go u still need to be back at your country !

muyeed said...

regarding your English book selection, try - worldwide free shipping, and i guess lot cheaper than any Bangladeshi bookstore.