Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange Eid

Eid is supposed to be a special day. But today was strange.

Got up at 4:30, could not go back to sleep. After Eid prayers, got rained on while walking home. In the afternoon, I was working with my son on his studies (big exam coming up so no break for Eid). I was sitting on his bed, and suddenly the post stuck at a corner for the mosquito net lurched and fell on my hand. I know this, I thought, I used to live in the Bay Area! So... what's shaking, Bangladesh :-)

There are scary statistics about how many people would die from a severe earthquake in Dhaka. But, truth be told, I worry more about adulterated food than any other issue facing Bd. We need to institute capital punishment for that. I mean, isn't it slow-motion murder after all? As a friend said, "Dui ektarey loktaia diley shob thik hoia jaibo" (After one or two adulterers are hanged, it will be alright.)

Oh well, Eid is almost over. A precious, special day turned strange. Eid mubarak everyone!


Photo Cache said...

Love your blog, added you to my blogroll.

I am married to a Bangladeshi :)

ulysses said...

Hi Photo Cache, Thanks very much! Appreciate it.

sonijai said...

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